Soya Chunks Roll

Soya chunks roll is very...

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  • Pav Bhaji Pizza

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    Pav Bhaji Pizza yes you guessed it right,  Pav Bhaji given  twist of pizza like our very popular and favorite kid recipe Bread Pizza. Most of the time ...

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  • Coriander Mint Lassi

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    Lassi is the most popular and tasty, healthful yogurt based drink. Throughout India it is made with lots of variation depending on their taste. Like Mocha lassi, Raspberry Lassi ...

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  • Hare Moong Ka Paratha

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    Hare moong ka paratha is super healthy and delicious protein packed recipe. Made with whole moong dal mixed with little spices and wheat flour. Image Gallery  

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  • Makhane ki kheer

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    Makhane ki kheer  or phool makhane ki kheer is one of the most famous recipe for any fasting or vrat. It is very easy, quick and healthy recipe. ...

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Omelet With Veggies

Omelet with veggies is a very simple and healthy recipe. Omelet with veggies is a very one of the most nutritious... more

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