Super Food Makhana

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Makhana  is a very popular food in Asian Subcontinent. Makhana or phool makahana are called Fox nut or lotus seeds in english. In India makhana is cooked in lots of ways.You can eat makhan at tym of vrat also like Roasted makhana , Makhane ki kheer. It is very good finger food for kids as well as adults Chatpata makhana it is good and healthy substitute for popcorn. And even in summer you can substitute boondi raita with makhana ka raita. Makhana is used in all worshiping ceremonies.

 Nutritional Fact

 Makhana 100gms (%)

Protien – 9.70%

Carbohydrates- 76.90%

Fat -0.10%

Calcium- 0.02%

Phosphorous- 0.90%

Kerotine- 1.40 mg




  • Makhana is high in fiber and low in calories so great food for  weight loss.
  • It can be easily digested by all age group of people. Due to its astrigent property it relieves diarrhea and improves appetite.
  • It is  low in sodum and high in magnesium so it is very good for people suffering form high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.
  • It is rich in anti- oxidants, so it is very effective in premature agieng, premature hair whitening, wrinkles and other signs of ageing.
  • It is high in fiber ,thus very good in constipation. They help the body to flush out the waste and prevent the accumulation of toxin
  • Makhana is helpful in treatment of arthritis, numbness and pain in joint.
  • It also increases libido and improves women infertility.
  • It also helps in the problem of frequent urination.
  • Makhana is also recommended for women in pregnancy and post natal weakness.

One interesting fact about Makhana is -In whole cultivation and even post harvest process neither fertilizer nor pesticides are used. Because after harvesting leaves and stems are left in the same waterbodies wich work as fertilizers for the next crop.

So you should add this pious and heavenly food in your diet.

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