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PANEER also known as Cottage cheese is a product made from milk,the percentage of fat in it depends on whether it is made of toned milk or full cream milk. Cottage cheese is the protein part of the milk, means if you are having same amount of milk and cottage cheese, you will yield more nutrition and protien from paneer.


It is good source of Protein and easy to digest . In 100gms of paneer we can get 18gms of protein. For Vegetarians it is the best way to get protein.Every tissue and cell in your body contains Protien and need to produce new protein molecule eachday to grow and function. Cottage cheese  provides amino acid, which your body can use to make these new protiens. One of the Interesting fact is that  LOW-CARB & HIGH PROTEIN profile of paneer makes it a great health food for people with  weight problem.


Cottage Cheese is high on calcium and also contains vitamin B12.Calcium helps in building strong teeth and bones at the same time B12 helps to absorb and distribute calcium properly. It is also a good source of potassium and magnesium.It Provides good source of vitamin A–important for growth and development of your cells,including cells involved in maintaining health of your immune system and skin.

Paneer is an all-rounder it is an excellent  combination of taste and health.  In India it is abailable in departmental store but its better to use Homemade . there are lots of recipes made with paneer like  Tikka ,  Sandwhich, Paneer Bhurji or any Gravy.



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